Ventrac Dual Wheel Removal

Made Easy

One Tool


Easy To Use

This one of kind tool makes it easy to remove and install the Ventrac dual wheels. See how its done!

If you are a Ventrac owner, contractor, or dealer, you have likely run into a stubborn dual wheel that is extremely difficult to remove. The Ventrac dual wheel removal tool was borne out of stubborn wheel frustrations and solves removing the wheels by allowing you to acquire torque on the wheel using the same 1″ socket you use to loosen the draw bolt. No need for extra tools, straps, pipe wrenches, and other painful methods! The tool also works when installing the dual wheels to get that perfect snugness so you don’t lose a dual out in the field!

The Dual Wheel Tool makes it much easier and faster to remove each dual wheel, stubborn or not, and saves the knees and back in the process :)

This unique tool makes removing and installing those stubborn and difficult dual wheels a breeze! Forget about messing around with ratchet straps or other painful methods. The Dual Wheel Tool works by locking the draw bolt to the wheel hub, allowing you to use the same 1″ socket you use to release the draw bolt to aquire leverage on the outer wheel.

Designed to fit in a toolbox or hang in your shop or garage with the triangular cutouts, ensuring you always have it handy for when you need it.

Professionally laser-cut, manufactured, and powder coated. This tool will last a lifetime. Instead of spending an hour fighting the Ventrac duals, remove all four duals in under 5 minutes! That’s Ventrac dual wheels made easy!

Made in the USA. Patent Pending.